• Strange Things You Can Put in the Washing Machine

    Most people think that only clothes can go in the laundry, but that isn't true. We use countless things in [...]

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  • Fighting Pet Hair

    Picture this: you're at work to pay for your pet's lifestyle and look down to find your clothes covered in [...]

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  • Back to university laundry and packing tips

    University is one of the most exciting times in life. There are lots of things to learn. Not only are [...]

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  • How to wash sweaters

    Sweater weather is approaching, and that means it's almost time to dig all of your favourite cable knits, turtle necks, [...]

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  • Opening a laundromat? Don’t forget to factor this into your budget

    Thinking about opening a laundromat? It's a great idea. Laundromats are a popular small business choice, especially for first-time investors. [...]

  • Tackling grease stains

    Summer means time spent on the grill, and unfortunately the grill means grease. If you’ve been enjoying hot dogs, hamburgers, [...]

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  • Laundry tips for people who hate laundry

    Laundry is surprisingly divisive, considering it’s a necessity. Some people love the routine and order that comes with their [...]

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  • The science behind lost socks

    Now that we have your attention, we’re sorry to disappoint you: there’s actually no science behind why so many socks [...]

  • Tame the stink when camping!

    Summer has finally arrived and that means all kinds of sweaty adventures! Connecting with nature can be a very refreshing [...]

  • Get the scoop on what laundry products you really need

    Detergent, softener, dryer balls…there are dozens of different laundry products on the market that all seem to offer different, [...]

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  • Caring for your swimsuits at home

    Ahhh summer. The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, and it’s time to get outside and enjoy the weather. [...]

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  • Tips to help you pick a perfect laundromat

    Looking for a new laundromat? Most areas have lots to choose from! This can make it hard to know which [...]

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