Fighting Pet Hair

Picture this: you’re at work to pay for your pet’s lifestyle and look down to find your clothes covered in their fur. No one who lives in your house rent-free should be able to ruin your outfits like that! But it seems no matter how hard you try, pet hair finds its way into your freshly cleaned clothes. There is nothing worse than your clothes looking furrier after washing than when they went in (unless you are washing fur, of course, which we wouldn’t advise). The good news is that there are ways to help minimize the amount of pet fur you find on fresh laundry! 

Groom Your Pet Regularly 

The first line of defence against pet hair in your laundry is to reduce the amount of loose fur your pets shed. Regular grooming sessions can significantly minimize the loose hair your pets leave behind. Brush your pets at least once a day, and if they have long fur, consider brushing them twice daily. Taking your pets to get professionally groomed on occasion can also help with fur control. 

Eliminate Fur Before Washing 

A good way to stop fur from clumping in the wash is to eliminate as much as possible before starting your cycle. Keep a lint roller near your laundry area and use it to roll over your clothes before tossing them into the washing machine. The adhesive surface will pick up most of the loose pet hair. You can also shake and agitate clothes as much as possible before washing them to ensure as much pet hair as possible is released. 

Fabric Softener & Dryer Sheets

Reducing static can stop pet hair from clinging to clothes, and certain laundry products can help. Using fabric softener in conjunction with your detergent can help keep pet hair away. Softener helps to loosen hair and other fibres from our clothing. You can also use a cup of distilled white vinegar if you don’t want to purchase a softener. Dryer sheets help with static reduction. Tossing a few into the machine can make clothes less likely to pick up pet hair around the home. 

Clean Your Machines

Like everything in your home, you need to clean your washer and dryer. A periodic deep clean can help you eliminate pet hair that has become trapped. Start by vacuuming the drums to get rid of hair. From there, clean the machines. Newer washing machines may have a self-wash button. If yours does, it is as simple as hitting this button and letting it do its thing. If yours does not, run the long hot cycle with either some vinegar or baking soda added. Clean your dryer by wiping the drum down with soap and water. Leave it open and let it dry for several hours. 

Dry Clothes Before Washing

It’s not a fun task, and it can feel repetitive, but drying your clothes before washing them can significantly impact the amount of hair that ends up in your washing machine. Throw clothes in on a shorter cycle with no or low heat, and add a dryer sheet. After that, clean your lint screen or tray, and your clothing should have much less fur on it!

Shop Accordingly 

Do you love wool, velvet, looser knits, and other textured materials? So does pet hair! Wearing clothes like these makes it more likely for you to pick up pet hair. Synthetic fabrics do a good job of repelling pet hair, and so do smooth materials like satin, silk, and leather. If you are utterly sick of pet hair, try incorporating more of these into your wardrobe. If you can’t give up on the other fabrics, wait and put them on right before you leave.  

Wash Pet Items Separately 

If your pet has a bed or if they love specific blankets and pillows, wash these items separately from your clothes and linens. They will likely have more hair on them than your own items. Use all the tips in this article when washing these, and be sure to wipe down the inside of your machines afterward so any leftover hair doesn’t wind up in the next cycle. 

Pet hair can be a serious pain! But with the right strategies, you can combat pet hair and save yourself from an unintentional furry look. Taking care to remove hair before washing, using the right products, and cleaning your machines will ensure a pet hair-free style! 

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