On-Premise Laundry Equipment

Our carefully developed on-premise laundries are engineered for unmatched performance, efficiency and productivity.


Vended Laundry Equipment

Coronet Equipment offers fully administered vending solutions for your campgrounds, multi-unit housing, as well as schools, universities, and college campuses.


Installation & Training

To provide you with a turnkey solution, Coronet Equipment offers a full range of services, including installation, training & labor warranty.


Whatever your industry, whatever your organization requirements, Coronet has the right laundry equipment and systems for you.

When you choose Coronet, you’re choosing quality service, done right.

Vended Coin Laundry Systems

Coronet Equipment has years of experience in offering fully administered vending solutions for your campgrounds, multi-unit housing, as well as schools, universities, and college campuses.

Let Coronet Equipment help you design, develop, and operate the vended laundry service your customers need. We want to make sure you maximize your vended laundry’s operating efficiency and revenue from day one. Here are just some of the industries that benefit from our vended laundry systems:

  • Multi-unit housing
  • Schools, university & college
  • Campgrounds
  • And more!

Sanitation & Sterilizing Laundry Equipment

Our carefully developed on-premises laundries are engineered for unmatched performance, efficiency, and productivity. When your team or clients require properly sanitized and sterile laundry services, Coronet Equipment has everything you need.

In your industry, you need consistent quality results for your sanitary and sterilizing needs. Whether you are sanitizing soiled laundry or ensuring that function-focused clothing/uniforms are always ready for clean use, Coronet Equipment is proud to serve your specialized needs.

  • Health Care
  • Retirement Homes
  • Commercial Farming
  • Sports Teams
  • Food Processing Facilities
  • And more!

Guest Service Laundry & Commercial Linens Solutions

For Coronet Equipment, there’s no job too large, too dirty, or too delicate! Take advantage of our laundry solutions to bolster your in-house quality of care for your guests.

First impressions are lasting impressions. The safest way to retain full control over quality and maintain customer satisfaction is to operate your own in-house laundry. You set your own standards and make sure your textiles are cared for the way they should be. If your business requires a soft touch and attention to detail to ensure guest comfort and satisfaction, Coronet Equipment can help.

  • Hotels & Hospitality
  • Salon & Spa
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Country Club & Golf Course
  • Dry Cleaning

Heavy Duty & High-Capacity Laundry

You don’t always need harsh chemicals to get the clean you need. Coronet Equipment has the right tools to bring you the restorative clean and sanitary function you’ve been looking for.

The function of clothing and uniforms is impacted, in large part, by how it is cared for over time. By choosing Coronet Equipment for your institutional laundry needs, you’re choosing to invest in the long-term care of the garments your people use every day. Our laundry equipment consistently cleans your garments even if they’re heavily soiled by soot, ash, garage chemicals, or if you have dozens of loads to wash every day.

  • Fire Services
  • Car washes & vehicle services centres
  • Correctional Facilities