On Premise Dryers


On-Premise Commercial and Home Laundry Dryers.

On-premise laundry is the fastest and most flexible solution for your business and household needs. Coronet Equipment can help you find the best machine to ensure your laundry is dried quickly and efficiently with reduced energy consumption. We carry a variety of on-premise options with convenient features like moisture-sensing. Dry your laundry with reputable Continental Girbau machines that are built for constant use with minimal maintenance.

Genius Washers

High-Performance Washer Extractors for On-Premise Laundries

Continental Girbau

Pro-Series II Dryers

20 to 175 pound single pocket capacities
30 & 45 pound capacity dual-pocket stacks

  • Increases laundry production & energy-efficiency

  • Dual motors with overload protection

  • Moisture Sensing Technology

  • Backed by ContinentalCare™ Product Warranty

Econ-O-Dry Dryer

Single load capacity

  • Constructed for unmatched longevity

  • Designed for minimal maintenance

  • Available in gas or electric heat

  • Backed by ContinentalCare™ Product Warranty

LG Platinum Front-Load Dryer

22 pound capacities

  • Unrivalled energy efficiency, programmability & durability

  • Offers more drying capacity & performance in a smaller footprint

  • Among the quietest in their class

  • Engineered to withstand rigorous use

ExpressDry Gear Dryers

  • Engineered to safely and quickly dry personal protective equipment

  • NFPA compliant

  • Accommodates up to six turnout suits simultaneously

  • Backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer

  • Offers additional features needed to dry special operations equipment & gear

  • Equipped with 12 utility drying ports & four invertible stickmen drying stations

  • Constructed for ease of assembly and mobility

  • Backed by a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

Giant C Dryer

  • Diameter: Gas 26.1″, Electric 26.1″

  • Depth: Gas 22.5″, Electric 22.5″

  • Volume: Gas 7.3″, Electric 7.3″

  • Ventilating Drying Type

  • Quick drying time

Titan Pro Dryer

  • Diameter: Gas 28.2″, Electric 28.2″

  • Depth: Gas 25.2″, Electric 25.2″

  • Volume: Gas 9″, Electric 9″

  • Ventilating Drying Type

  • Quick drying time


25 to 200 pound capacities

Commercial Tumble Dryers

  • Fast and efficient

  • Self Cleaning Lint Screen

  • Self-Cleaning Lint Screen

  • Optional Fire Suppression System (most models)

18 pounds capacity

YDEE & YDGE Homestyle Dryer

  • Fast drying times

  • A secured lint filter is located upfront to allow for easy cleaning between cycles
  • Our dryer has a rugged door and hinge with the industry’s largest door opening
  • Unmatched durability

  • Electronic homestyle control

  • Mechanical Control


25 to 200 pound capacities

Industrial Tumble Dryers – UT Series

  • high performance dryer

  • extremely efficient

  • durable

30 & 45 pound stacked capacities

Commercial Stack Tumble Dryers – UTT Series

  • high performance dryer

  • extremely efficient

  • durable

Pro Capture

  • No more over-drying. To further reduce operating expenses, these industrial laundry machines feature the revolutionary OPTidry™ Over-dry Prevention Technology.

  • Prevent damage to sweep sheets. Our patent-pending oblong cylinder perforations allow drywall screws and other items to drop harmlessly into the lint compartment without causing damage.
  • Industry-best warranty. UniLinc Touch-controlled tumblers come with industry-best five-year warranties.