On-Premise Laundry Equipment


On-Premise Laundry Equipment For Any Industry.

Coronet Equipment provides an in-house laundry service that can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress!

Any industry that requires laundry services has two primary choices:

  • Do the work in-house for maximum control over every step of the laundry process.


  • Send the work out-of-house to a laundry service provider you trust and wait to see the results.

There are logistical challenges and considerations for either choice. Every industry, big or small, will make determinations based on their need, ability, and cost. Our carefully developed on-premises laundry systems are engineered for unmatched performance, efficiency, and productivity.


Drying Tumblers

Flatwork Ironers

When you choose Coronet, you’re choosing quality service, done right.

We provide highly programmable Washer-Extractors, Commercial Dryers & Flatwork Ironers to meet the commercial laundry needs of your industry.

We won’t hang you out to dry, but our complete laundry systems and services will get the job done right. If your organization will benefit from the freedom, control, and specialized services of in-house laundry operations, Coronet Equipment can help.

The value of your new on-premises laundry equipment doesn’t end after you purchase the machines.

When you purchase from Coronet, you also receive access to our full-service installation, preventative maintenance servicing, equipment servicing benefits, and extended warranty options.