Home & commercial laundry tips

  • Waterless laundry strips: I tried them!

    Even as plastic straws and single use grocery bags become obsolete, I find the plastic in my recycling bin piling [...]

  • 5 useful steps to keep your clothes fresh even while on vacation

    Woot! The travel industry is back in business, and after a few years of impacted travel, there’s a frenzy to [...]

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  • Easy steps to keep your laundromat clean & welcoming

    Laundromats tend to get a bad rap. And sometimes, this reputation is warranted. All too often, a place that's supposed [...]

  • How to launder bulky items without wrecking your machine

    Washing oversized loads and bulky items at home can be tricky. They might not fit in your residential washing [...]

  • Dryer sheets or dryer balls? Let’s find out.

    Laundry is my nemesis. It’s the most thankless job I do. Inevitably, by the time one load is clean, [...]

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  • How often should you launder every item in your home?

    It's almost spring cleaning time. After all the hard work you put into tidying your home, chances are you will [...]

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  • Why athletic programs need professional sports laundry equipment

    All sports have one thing in common - you get dirty playing them. Most gyms have showers in locker [...]

  • The ABCs of cleaning your dryer vents

    Cleaning out your dryer’s lint screen between every load is a good start, but it’s actually not enough to [...]