Tips to help you pick a perfect laundromat

Looking for a new laundromat? Most areas have lots to choose from! This can make it hard to know which laundromat is the best both in terms of quality and your specific needs. They all tout different features and exciting benefits. 

However, there are some surefire ways you can choose a great laundromat that offers everything you need. Keep reading to find out how to select your next laundromat location!

1. Check for cleanliness

If a laundromat is clean, it’s a good sign that the business is well cared for and maintained. This is especially true for laundromats! Who wants to clean their clothes in a place that’s dirty, smells musty, or has signs of mold? Look for a clean laundromat that demonstrates pride of ownership and keeps the equipment and facility in tip-top shape.

It’s a good idea to survey the state of the floors, folding tables, and machines. A laundromat that isn’t well maintained could result in suspicious stains or funky odours on your freshly washed clothing and even lead to other laundry disasters. 

2. Examine the state of machines

The machines at a laundromat can tell you a lot about it. Machines don’t need to be brand new, although newer ones tend to be more efficient and offer better options for customization. If the equipment doesn’t look like it’s been cleaned recently or is in a state of disrepair, move on. You shouldn’t have to deal with mold, broken features, or accumulated lint and debris if you’re paying to use their service.

If you have been to a laundromat before and noticed an ‘out of order’ sign on a machine, take note of how long it takes for the machine to be fixed or replaced. If it seems to be taking too long, it could indicate that the laundromat isn’t being properly cared for and that machines aren’t routinely maintained.

Specialty machines like ozone or sports washers may also indicate a laundromat owner who is invested in providing superior service, which translates to great benefits for clients! You’ll be able to select the right machines for your specialized items. If you tend to wash bulky or oversized items, look for a laundromat with large commercial machines that can accommodate multiple loads at once, saving you both time and money. 

3. Ask what payment options they have

This is more of a preferential observation, but the way your laundromat allows you to pay for their services could make the experience significantly more convenient for you.

Do you never have cash on you? A laundromat that doesn’t offer card payments may become frustrating if you constantly need to get cash out. On the flip side, if you’re a technophobe, complicated online payment systems and card collection processes might overwhelm or annoy you. 

Many laundromats offer both options or will work to find a reasonable solution to accommodate you with things like onsite change machines. If not, move on. Laundry is one of those repetitive tasks so it’s a better idea to find a place where you feel relaxed and welcome.

4. Consider the operating hours

Everyone has things to do and places to be, but look for a laundromat that offers operating hours that work with your particular schedule. Some operate on the assumption that people work 9-5 schedules, but with remote positions and food service jobs on the rise, you might want more flexibility. 

Perhaps you want one that stays open late, or welcomes you earlier in the morning. Some offer consistent weekend schedules while others may shut down. Reflect on your schedule and think about when it would be best for you to do your laundry. 

5. Find out about additional services 

How do you like to do laundry? Do you like to run errands while waiting? Do you like to relax or get some work done while you’re there? This is an important question to consider when picking a laundromat. If you like to just drop it off, look for a place where it is safe to do so.

If you like getting some work done or waiting for your clothes, there are plenty of laundromats that offer perks like free wifi, drinks, or other comfort services.

You might want a place that also offers wash-and-fold or dry cleaning. Not having to visit a separate dry cleaner can cut tons of extra time out of your week. A wash-and-fold service could save you when you’re in a pinch or simply don’t have time for laundry. 

6. Take pricing into account

It’s mostly true in life that you get what you pay for. If you want superior service with quality machines and friendly staff, are you willing to pay a little extra? If budget is your biggest concern, skip out on places that offer extra niceties like a café or luxuries.

Paying a bit extra for a laundromat can be a good way to ensure that you’ll be able to get in and out without hassle and with super clean, fresh-smelling clothing. Beware of bargain basement prices that might not deliver on their promises. 

Picking the right laundromat can be a bit overwhelming, particularly if there are several on offer in your neighbourhood. By taking into consideration these key points, you’ll be more likely to find one that works well for your needs. 

If you operate a laundromat in the Edmonton area and are looking for top-of-the-line equipment and repairs, contact us at Coronet Equipment. We can help ensure that your laundromat is always functioning to the highest standard – and keep your customers coming back again and again. 

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