Opening a laundromat? Don’t forget to factor this into your budget

Thinking about opening a laundromat? It’s a great idea. Laundromats are a popular small business choice, especially for first-time investors. After all, laundry is necessary, and laundromats are typically busy and welcome fixtures in their communities. 

Many of the costs of running and operating a laundromat can be obvious. Utilities, rent or mortgage, and repairs are the bills prospective laundromat owners most commonly prepare themselves for. Still, there are other sneaky supplies and services you’ll want to take into account.

At Coronet Equipment, we’ve been providing top-of-the-line washers, dryers, and more to laundromats for years. Along the way, we’ve picked up on a few of the things experienced laundromat owners always have in their arsenal. Want to have your new laundromat stocked like a seasoned expert? Read on! 

Supplies for customers

When running errands, it’s easy to forget about things. All too often, people show up to the laundromat only to realize they’ve forgotten their detergent or dryer sheets. Other customers may be used to a laundromat that provides detergent and dryer sheets. You need to have these products on hand. Even if it’s not your fault that they’ve forgotten supplies, customers could become annoyed and have a bad impression of your laundromat if you aren’t able to help them when they are in a bind. You should always aim to carry a variety of laundry supplies in your laundromat. Whether for sale or complimentary, it can significantly help customers. 


Laundromats tend to sell themselves. If you’ve set up shop in a great location, you’ll undoubtedly get a steady flow of customers. Still, it’s good to do a bit of advertising to raise awareness, especially when you first open. You can use social media or team up with other local businesses in your area to spread the news about your new laundromat. 


The only thing you need in your laundromat are washers and dryers. But this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do more to make your customers comfortable and happy. Many people prefer to stay in the laundromat as they wait for it to finish up to ensure everything is going smoothly. You should provide chairs and tables so that they can be comfortable. Parents with children might appreciate it if you have games or other forms of entertainment. 

Cleaning supplies

No one wants to clean their clothes someplace dirty. You need to keep your laundromat in tip-top shape. While you’ll probably do a big clean after closing, it could help to have products employees or even customers can grab during the day, especially because laundromats are prone to dust and spills. You’ll want to invest in all the cleaning products necessary to keep your laundromat looking good. Offer antibacterial wipes, paper towels, and even an easy-to-use mop. 

Payment systems 

Coins? Cards? Online? Laundromats have lots of different options when it comes to payment methods. Many have a combination of options they offer customers. This makes it easy for customers to pay how they want. However, having multiple payment methods can cost money. Maintaining coin slots, setting up a POS, and other systems will all come with fees. 


The laundromat usually is just one of many stops for patrons. Keeping their gadgets charged and functional could help them during their day. Consider installing a tech station with different chargers and outlets where people can plug in their phones. You could also install wifi for guests to use while they finish their laundry. 

Snacks and drinks 

Install vending machines or stock a small selection of snacks and drinks. Many customers appreciate the option to grab a quick bite or drink while they wait for their laundry to finish. 

You don’t have to factor all of these into your budget, but having a few will make your customers happier and more likely to return to your laundromat. At the end of the day, the thing that matters most is having functional machines that clean clothes efficiently. 

Buy machines that have a track record for being able to stand the test of time. Always make sure you have money in your budget for unexpected repairs and replacements. 

Opening a laundromat is a wonderful business idea and an exciting prospect. Creating a comfortable and inviting environment for customers goes beyond the basic amenities of washers and dryers. Extra amenities will help your patrons and make them feel more comfortable in your laundromat. 

Combining extras with functional and reliable machines is the recipe for success, and a surefire way to make your laundromat a community fixture for years to come! 

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