Back to university laundry and packing tips

University is one of the most exciting times in life. There are lots of things to learn. Not only are you busy getting a degree, but you are finally living on your own. This means learning how to live independently and tackling things like cooking, cleaning, and of course, laundry. 

Doing laundry on your own can be intimidating, especially at school, where all the machines are different from the ones you use at home. With the right knowledge, doing laundry doesn’t have to be hard.


Laundry Tips:


Sort Your Laundry

You don’t always need to sort laundry perfectly. If you have already washed clothes a few times, it is unlikely they will bleed. But, if you are using a white fabric treatment, it’s important to separate whites. This treatment could damage colours. You should also separate delicate fabrics so you don’t accidentally damage them by putting them on an aggressive wash cycle. 


Read Care Labels

It’s not rocket science. If you want your clothes to come out of the washing machine perfectly each time, just read the care label. Most clothes come with instructions sewn inside telling you the best way to wash them. Following these instructions will help you avoid accidentally damaging your clothes.


Use Cold Water

There are lots of benefits to only washing clothes in cold water. Cold water is generally gentler on fabrics and helps prevent colours from fading. It’s also environmentally friendly and more affordable. There may even be a discount on pay-per-use machines if you select the cold wash. Save hot water for heavily soiled items.

Choose the Right Detergent

The detergent aisle can be overwhelming, and there are many varieties to choose from. The truth is detergents at the supermarket don’t differ much from one another. There is no need to splurge on a name brand when generic brands will do. However, if you are sensitive to chemicals and smells or have plenty of delicate clothing, you may want to opt for a gentle, scent-free detergent. 


Pre-treat Stains

University can get messy, so you’ll probably end up with clothing that has stains. The best way to get stains out is by using a pre-treatment. This doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Just mix some dishwasher soap and water in a spray bottle and spritz it on the stain when you get home. Voila! You have pre-treated a stain. 

Don’t Overload the Machine

If you are paying per load, obviously, you want to get as much washed in one go as possible. But overloading the washing machine can result in clothes not getting properly cleaned. It could also damage clothes by creating excessive friction. Ensure there is lots of space for clothes to move around in machines.  


Dry According to Instructions

Some clothes need to be air-dried or dried on low heat to prevent shrinking or damage. Be sure to follow the care label instructions. Figuring out where to air-dry clothes in a small room or dorm can be hard. Because washing cycles end with a spin, your clothes won’t be sopping wet. You can put them right on hangers in well-lit and ventilated places. Only put them onto exposed radiators if you plan to be home the whole time, as this can be a fire risk. 


Packing tips:

Going off the school means packing. Many people find themselves overpacking and finding their luggage stuffed to the brim with things they won’t really use. Packing strategically can help you avoid this, and it can also make doing laundry a whole lot easier. 


Make a List

You’ve probably heard this tip a thousand times by now, but it’s a staple for a reason. Create a packing list to ensure you don’t forget any essential items. Include clothes, toiletries, electronics, study materials, and any other items you’ll need.


Pack Irreplaceables 

Don’t waste valuable packing space by bringing things you can easily get in the town or city where you are going to school. Pack items like clothes and kitchen stuff first. If you don’t have space for toilet paper or toiletries, don’t worry, there is probably a place to grab them near school. 


Maximize Space

Don’t just throw clothes into bags and boxes at random. Not only will this make unpacking harder, but it will also take up excess space. Roll or fold clothes to save space in your suitcase. You can also use vacuum-sealed bags for bulky items like blankets and winter clothes.


Organize packing 

Unpacking is easier when you pack strategically. You should separate your clothes and items into categories. This way, when you open a bag or box, most of the things will go in the same space, which will really speed up the process. 


Consider the Climate

Sure, it’s hot right now, but temperatures will cool down come the end of September. You don’t want to waste valuable space with clothes you can only wear for a month. Pack clothes that are appropriate for the weather in your university’s location. 


Pack your favourite stuff

Just because your favourite pants or shirt might not be the most practical doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring it. If you love something, it’s for a reason. You’ll be disappointed not to have your most beloved items at school. 

Remember that packing and doing laundry are skills that you’ll refine over time. Things going wrong are all part of the learning process. Stay organized, and don’t hesitate to ask for help if you’re unsure about anything. Good luck with your preparations and your time back at university!

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