Why athletic programs need professional sports laundry equipment

All sports have one thing in common – you get dirty playing them. Most gyms have showers in locker rooms to take care of the grime on athletes, but what about the clothes they wear? Sweat, dirt, and even blood find their way onto uniforms after games and practices. This produces a massive amount of laundry. The Olympic Games build thousand-square-foot facilities to tackle athlete laundry, and the NFL creates some 200,000 pounds of laundry per week! The average school or league athletic program averages around 200 pounds a game – and while this isn’t Olympic-sized, it’s still too much for standard washing machines to handle. Sports laundry equipment can be an excellent option for those struggling to tackle huge, ultra-dirty piles of athletes’ laundry.

Here are a few of the ways Coronet’s specialized sports laundry equipment can help your athletic program:

Higher team morale

Hall of Fame cornerback Deion Sanders once said, “If you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you play good.” So what could be better for a team than bright, clean, matching uniforms? Uniforms boost team morale and promote unity and cohesiveness among athletes. Dedicated sports laundry machines help keep teams looking great and cohesive.

With in-house laundry, you won’t have to deal with the annoyance of athletes losing jerseys at home. Instead, uniforms can be washed and dried on-premise in as little as one hour. This means no more mismatched competition day looks.

You’ll also be in charge of how team uniforms get cleaned. When everything gets washed on the right setting and with like fabrics, you ensure that uniforms look fresh all season long. When you have control over uniforms, you have control over athletes’ confidence and team spirit.

Improved athlete safety

Getting the right machines to do your sports laundry is crucial for athlete safety. Dangerous bacteria and infections are in sweat and blood, and some can live outside the human body for several days. If your uniforms aren’t properly washed, MRSA, staph infections, and hepatitis are just a few of the things that can spread during games and practices. Just because a jersey has been washed doesn’t mean the harmful bacteria are gone. You want to ensure you are washing uniforms at the right temperature and setting to eliminate anything potentially dangerous. Sports washing machines are designed to kill all the harmful bacteria living on uniforms.

Less odour

Have you ever been working out and noticed your clothing starts to smell almost immediately, even though it’s been washed? Or that sometimes no matter how much you wash your favourite workout shirt, it always seems to smell a bit like sweat? This pungent odour occurs when you don’t wash sweaty clothes right away and sweat, grime, and other substances have time to seep into the fabric.

Once scents like this have been caked in, eliminating them is very hard. Even when you do laundry, pungent odours linger. This is an unavoidable issue when using standard laundry machines to tackle sports team laundry. Smaller load sizes mean uniforms sit and collect odour for hours or even days.

Dedicated sports laundry equipment can accommodate larger loads for fast, efficient cleaning, helping you eliminate the buildup that causes odours to stick.

Lower operating costs

Creating your own onsite laundry facility is a great way to lower your operating costs in the long term. Sports laundry machines will improve the longevity of uniforms and other gear. When you always wash uniforms correctly, they’ll show fewer signs of wear and tear. This means you will be able to reuse them for more extended periods.

In addition, because sports laundry machines can handle larger loads, you can clean more jerseys using less water than traditional washing machines. Fewer, larger loads will save you money on detergent, energy costs, and cause less wear on specialty equipment.

Athletes need more from their washing machines. Using sports laundry equipment built to tackle the unique needs of athletes is essential. Coronet Equipment has machines that make doing sports laundry safer, quicker and more efficient. Coronet washer-extractors, ozone towers, and drying tumblers can handle big sports loads up to 255 pounds and can get your uniforms washed, cleaned, and back on your athletes in as little as sixty minutes.

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