Merry & Bright: Tips for the Hospitality Industry

The holidays are often the busiest season in the hospitality industry. Keep your linens clean and crisp with our expert laundry tips!


Coronet Equipment can help make your business shine this holiday season and throughout the year. We’re your trusted partner for industrial laundry solutions, from top-end equipment to reliable maintenance service. In this article, we’re keeping things festive, with tips to preserve the brilliance of your tablecloths, towels, sheets, and more this winter. 


Winter Stains and Dullness


Whether you own a restaurant or hotel, you might find you’re faced with more staining than usual as you host seasonal festivities. Warm beverages, celebratory drinks, and hearty meals can all result in stains that threaten the vibrancy of your linens. 


The first rule in maintaining winter whites is to deal with stains promptly. When accidents happen, resist the urge to let the stain settle. Act quickly by blotting or scraping away excess substances. But don’t rub—rubbing can push the stain deeper into the fabric.


The longer a stain lingers, the more challenging it becomes to remove. By acting promptly, you’ll avoid unnecessarily having to replace your linens. Make sure you or your team apply a stain remover to the affected area as soon as possible to help to prevent the stain from setting.


Quality Detergents


At Coronet Equipment, we’re all about quality! We pride ourselves in carrying reliable, quality equipment brands that deliver exceptional results, including Continental Girbau and Huebsch. But it can’t stop there. Your choice of detergent also plays a significant role in keeping your linens bright.


We recommend that you invest in high-quality detergents with stain-fighting properties, specifically formulated for whites. Select detergents that are gentle on fabrics yet tough on stains. This ensures effective cleaning without compromising the integrity of your linens over time, saving you money in the long run.

Cold Water Magic


Contrary to common belief, washing linens in hot water is not always the best approach. Especially during the winter, when energy conservation is a priority, it’s okay to opt for cold water washing. Cold water not only saves you on the costs of heating water, but also helps preserve the environment, prevents colours from bleeding, and minimizes the risk of setting stains.


Our range of industrial washers are designed to provide efficient cold water wash cycles, ensuring your linens emerge both clean and vibrant.


The Power of Pre-Soaking


For stubborn stains, pre-soaking can be a game-changer. This simple yet effective technique involves allowing stained items to soak in a solution before the actual wash. 


If you’re faced with piles of stained linens during the holiday rush, here’s an easy way to tackle them quickly: create a mixture of water and a mild detergent and let your linens marinate for a few hours or overnight. This gives the detergent ample time to break down stains, making them easier to wash away during the laundry cycle.


Gentle Whitening Solutions


While bleach is a traditional whitening agent, it can be harsh on fabrics and the environment. Routine use of bleach will eventually make your linens look shabby or yellowed, and you’ll face preventable replacement costs. Instead, explore alternative whitening solutions that are gentler yet equally effective.


Oxygen bleach, for instance, is an excellent choice for brightening whites without compromising the longevity of your linens. Industrial laundry equipment is compatible with a range of bleach alternatives, ensuring the preservation of both your linens and the planet. 


You might also be interested in our ozone systems that provide cleaning power and reliability that’s even better than bleach—an excellent choice for high volumes of linens that need to be reliably cleaned and sanitized.


Mindful Drying


The drying process is just as crucial as washing when it comes to maintaining winter whites. To avoid yellowing and shrinkage, don’t over-dry your linens. Instead, opt for a moderate drying temperature and remove your items promptly to prevent wrinkles. Equipment with moisture detectors can help you avoid running the drying cycle long after your linens are dry.


For your home laundry needs, another option is to line-dry some items in the winter sun to add an extra touch of freshness and natural whitening to your linens.


Regular Maintenance


Prevention is the best cure. Implementing a routine maintenance schedule for your industrial laundry equipment ensures optimal performance and longevity. At Coronet Equipment, we provide expert maintenance support but also recommend that you take preventive action to keep your equipment in top form. Empty out lint traps, inspect hoses and connections, and clean the interior of your machinery regularly.


You’ll also want to schedule professional maintenance checks with us so you don’t face unexpected breakdowns. Well-maintained machines guarantee that your linens receive the care they deserve, enhancing their lifespan and keeping them bright for many winters to come.


Maintaining bright linens requires a combination of strategies, but this extra attention can preserve your investment for years to come. This winter season, trust Coronet Equipment for all of your laundry equipment and maintenance needs. With our state-of-the-art industrial laundry solutions and these practical tips, your whites will continue to shine, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for all your holiday clients and gatherings.

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