Efficiently Dry Your Protective Gear with Coronet Equipment’s ExpressDry Gear Dryers

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to dry your personal protective equipment? Look no further than the ExpressDry Gear Dryer and ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer from Coronet Equipment, the trusted name in commercial laundry equipment.

Target Hard-to-Dry Areas

Our ExpressDry Gear Dryers use patented technology to effectively dry gear from the inside out, including hard-to-reach areas and vapor barriers. This helps reduce the possibility of mold and mildew, and allows for faster, more efficient drying, which means you can dry more suits in the same amount of time.

Dry All Types of Gear Components

Our dryers come fully loaded with up to eight helmet dryers, eight stickmen, and 24 component ports, and are able to dry helmets, gloves, boots, facemasks, and SCBAs. Plus, with adjustable stickmen and inverted capabilities for upside-down drying, our ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer is flexible enough to accommodate everything from firefighting to hazmat, swift water, and ice rescues.

Touch Screen Control

Our touch screen control panel allows users to easily toggle between ambient- or heated-air drying, view drying status and time remaining, and even customize dry time and temperature settings. Plus, with a variety of dry time presets and the ability to choose a custom dry time based on your department’s unique needs, these dryers offer ultimate control.

Built to Last

At Coronet Equipment, we believe in providing our customers with products that are built to last. Our ExpressDry Gear Dryers are constructed with heavy-duty casters, top-quality steel construction, LED timer with automatic shut off, and up to 24 component drying ports. Plus, with an operational life span of 87,000 hours and a 3-year factory warranty, you can trust these dryers to get the job done.

Gear Dryer Options to Meet Your Unique Needs

At Coronet Equipment, we understand that different situations call for different solutions. That’s why we offer a variety of gear dryer options to meet your unique needs.

Boot Trees

Our boot trees fit into the dryer accessory port and can dry up to four pairs of soaked boots in just 60 minutes. This allows for fast and efficient drying of your boots, so they’re ready for your next call.

Accessory Trees

Our accessory trees fit into one of the dryer’s accessory drying ports and are designed to dry gloves, helmets, and balaclavas. This means that all of your gear can be dried in one convenient location, saving you time and effort.

Rinse Station/Staging Accessory

Our rinse station can be ordered as a base only or as a base/stickman package. The rinse station allows for easy rinsing and decontamination of your gear, and our staging accessory holds stickmen from the gear dryer in an upright position, making it easy to transfer dressed stickmen without further handling of the gear.

Disinfection Sprayer

If you need to properly clean and disinfect hazmat, immersion, and ice-rescue suits that can’t be washed in a mechanical washer, our disinfection sprayer is here to help. Designed with air injection at the nozzle, this sprayer automatically mixes water and gear-cleaning solutions/disinfectants with air to achieve a foaming action, ensuring proper saturation time requirements set forth by manufacturers are met. Plus, with a fire hose adapter available for sprayer to be connected to a pumper truck for decontaminating sidewalks and streets, and a dual-jug model available for separate cleaning solutions and disinfectants, you can be sure that your gear is properly cleaned and disinfected.

Contact Coronet Equipment Today

Ready to invest in the ExpressDry Gear Dryer or ExpressDry Special Ops Gear Dryer from Coronet Equipment? Contact us today at 1-888-326-2222 or 780-468-3127 to learn more about our products and services. When you choose Coronet, you’re choosing quality service, done right.

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