Ditch the dryer this summer

Yes, we know it’s a bit counterintuitive of us to suggest that you give your dryer a rest – after all, we’re in the business of selling quality, high-functioning washer and dryer equipment. But we’re also environmentally conscious and we care about helping you preserve the life of your fabrics. Sometimes, that means ditching your dryer (just for a while) and hanging your clothes outside.

Canadians dream all winter long about the return of warm summer-like breezes. When they finally arrive, there are lots of great benefits to throwing your laundry out on a backyard line. Even though we probably shouldn’t, we’re sharing our list of the top 8 reasons we love to air dry our clothes in the summer. (It’s ok, we know winter will be back soon enough, and you’ll definitely need your indoor tumble dryer then!)

1. Your laundry will smell great

Have you ever stuck your head into an armload of line-dried sheets just to breathe in the scent of the outdoors? Fabrics that are dried outside are naturally free of unpleasant odours, since the sun drenches them in UV light. This can actually disinfect your laundry and eliminate smelly bacteria, leaving you with nothing but the fresh smell of the great outdoors. It’s a perfect and sweet-smelling solution for individuals who are sensitive to scents from fragrances and perfumes.

2. Stains will disappear 

Not only will your laundry smell fresher, but it’ll look brighter, too. The sun’s powerful rays are naturally whitening, keeping your sheets and towels looking new and helping to fade unsightly stains.

3. It’s good for your clothes 

Excess heat is damaging to a lot of fabrics. Some (like workout clothing and delicate knits) should never be put in the dryer, but even everyday tees and sweatpants can break down after too many dryer cycles. Air-drying your clothing is a gentler way to help items keep their shape and elasticity, meaning that they’ll fit and perform well for longer.

4. It’s a form of exercise 

It’s probably not going to replace your regular trip to the gym, but it’s still true that hanging your clothes on a line outside burns more calories than simply schlepping them into the dryer right next to your washer. It all counts, right? If you’d rather relax, watch while your kids practice their fine motor skills by securing the laundry with clothespins.

5. It’s good for the environment 

Air-drying your clothing uses considerably less energy than tumble drying, although energy-efficiency has come a long way with newer machines. Still, making use of the natural drying powers of the sun can help save you a bit of change on your energy bill – and reduce your environmental footprint. (If you want to extend these savings throughout the year, come visit us at Coronet Equipment and we’ll help you find the most energy-efficient equipment to meet your needs, even when it’s too chilly to dry your clothes outdoors!)

6. You can also ditch your iron

The return of that gorgeous gentle breeze that we dream about during winter snowstorms isn’t just good for our soul. It’s also a great solution to remove wrinkles from fabrics. Items that are dried outdoors on a line generally don’t require any additional ironing, since they tend to have all the folds and wrinkles naturally blown flat in the wind.

7. You’ll save money

Cut down on energy consumption and you’ll see a reduction in your bills – it’s simple math. Dryers are actually a big ticket item when it comes to energy waste, especially if you’re still using an older model. Even if you only hang out some of your loads, you’ll still see savings, and reduce the wear and tear on your indoor equipment.

8. Reduced fire risk

Busy families may run their machines 24/7, but it’s actually not advised. Dryers are a fire hazard, particularly if they aren’t maintained well. You should only operate your dryer while you’re at home. Be sure to empty the lint trap after every load and ensure that there isn’t a buildup of highly flammable materials in your dryer vent. Even if you’re diligent about reducing the risk, it’s ok to tell your kids that hanging up their own clothes outside will help protect them from fire. Technically, it’s true.

Summer doesn’t last forever in Alberta, but one way to make the most of it is to hang a few loads of laundry out to dry. The cold weather will be back soon enough, and when it is, Coronet Equipment will be here for you, with maintenance and repair services and new equipment options that will continue to maximize your energy savings and keep your laundry looking beautiful.

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