Winning the Game Against Stinky Sports Laundry with Coronet Equipment – Keep Your Athletes Safe, Clean, and Ready to Perform

The Unsung Hero of Sports: Laundry

Dirty uniforms can harbor dangerous bacteria, such as Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA). According to the Government of Canada, Community-Acquired MRSA (CA-MRSA) infections are becoming more common in athletes and other groups living in crowded settings, where poor hygiene practices can spread the bacteria more easily.

That’s where a reliable sports laundry system, like the ones offered by Coronet Equipment, comes into play.

Superior Sports Laundry Equipment for a Healthy Team

At Coronet Equipment, we understand the importance of keeping your athletes and staff healthy. Our mission has always been to provide quality services and products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Our systems are engineered to aid in preventing the spread of viruses, superbugs, and bacteria, including MRSA, HIV, and hepatitis.

No laundry system can guarantee 100% protection against germs, viruses, and disease, but weak or ineffective laundry systems guarantee much less than a well-designed and safety focused laundering equipment. And since Coronet Equipment only partners with quality-driven and trusted laundry equipment manufacturers, you can be sure you’re getting well-designed and safety focused laundry systems!

 With years of experience installing and operating sports laundry systems, we can help you customize the ideal solution for your athletic laundry needs.

Boosting Productivity with Coronet Equipment’s Sports Laundry System

Your new Coronet Equipment Sports Laundry System can also boost productivity. Our systems can complete properly washed and dried laundry in just 60 minutes, resulting in real reductions in chemical and utility costs. With pre-set programs and automatic chemical injection processes, your laundry system will also mitigate damage to uniforms and gear, ensuring they look and function their best during the game.

Washing Machines Tailored to Your Team’s Needs

Coronet Equipment offers sports laundry washing machines for teams of any size, no matter what their playing field looks like. Our energy-efficient, cost-effective Continental Girbau washer-extractors come in a range of sizes to match the needs of your athletes and are backed by excellent warranties. Trust us to get your gear reliably clean on time, every time.

Disinfect and Save with Our Sports Ozone Laundry System

Just like a good defensive game plan, the Laundry Ozone Towers effectively sanitize with up to 85 percent less water than other systems, helping prevent the spread of MRSA, bacteria, and viruses among athletes and staff. By disinfecting contaminated and soiled laundry items, pads, and helmets, the system plays a crucial role in maintaining your team’s health.

Our Sports Ozone Laundry System ensures your athletes’ performance is never compromised!

With the Sports Laundry System, ozone is injected into the wash cycle at precisely the right time and water temperature. Ozone, a safe and powerful cleaning agent, disinfects laundry using mostly cool water. The Sports Laundry System Disinfection Tower is clinically proven to kill 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, and superbugs, including MRSA, found in soiled athletic laundry. These towers break up organic matter during the wash process for better wash quality and are backed by a 2-year parts warranty and one-year labor warranty.

Speedy Drying for Winning Performance

Finally, don’t let damp gear slow down your athletes. Our line of Continental Girbau dryers is an energy-efficient way to cut both costs and drying times, ensuring your athletes’ equipment is properly dried while maintaining performance quality.

Score a Victory Against Stinky Sports Laundry with Coronet Equipment

Sports laundry is more than just about cleanliness. It’s about protecting the health of your athletes and staff and ensuring your team’s uniforms and gear are in top shape for every game.

When you choose Coronet Equipment, you’re choosing quality service, done right.

Don’t let stinky sports uniforms stand in your team’s way – let Coronet Equipment help you tackle sports laundry so your athletes can focus on playing hard and winning. Contact us today at 1-888-326-2222 or 780-468-3127.

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