What is a washer-extractor?

Front load washers have become increasingly popular, with their ability to wash clothes effectively using less water. Their faster spinning speed is also excellent for expelling water, leading to shorter drying times.

At Coronet Equipment, we supply industries with the same convenient and fast washing options that are enjoyed by residential users of front load washers. Our washer-extractors are similarly designed to use less water but provide the powerful cleaning demanded by industries.

Washer-extractors have many of the same benefits as residential washing machines. They’re easy to use, with one-touch operation. However, they offer significantly increased capacities of between 130-255 pounds of laundry in a single load. This makes them ideal for larger-scale industrial operations.

High-speed centrifugal spinning forces push articles back against the drum to extract water and detergent more efficiently, so drying time is significantly reduced. That means you’ll be able to complete more cycles faster and at a lower cost.

They’re also simple to program. This allows you to accommodate precise guidelines for washing various clothing articles or pieces of equipment without damaging them.

Our washer-extractors are ideal for meeting the health and safety specifications of industries that require personal protective equipment. We carry a selection of machines that offer effective cleaning while preserving the functioning and longevity of specialized equipment.

For example, firefighters are exposed to burning materials that produce harmful carcinogens. Coronet Equipment will help you select the right machine that balances powerful cleaning to remove carcinogens without being too harsh on protective fabrics.

Find out how Coronet Equipment can help meet your industrial laundry needs with high-quality machines that are proven to work. We pride ourselves in offering superior customer service and look forward to assisting you with your next washer-extractor acquisition.

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