Waterless washing machines?

It sounds a bit like something out of a science fiction movie, but some companies are already testing out waterless washing machines. Doing your laundry without water may very well be the way of the future.

In fact, innovative ozone options are already drastically reducing the need for hot water and toxic detergent. They also kill bacteria in addition to removing dirt, making them an effective way to clean your laundry while being environmentally responsible.

If you’re looking for trending ways to clean your clothes, read on to find out what’s happening in the industry. Coronet Equipment is a leading supplier of equipment, including innovative options for significantly reducing your water requirements. While traditional machines can be hard on the environment and require wasteful amounts of chemicals, here are just a few of the alternatives that are already becoming increasingly available.

Entirely waterless

LG is among the manufacturers working towards entirely waterless solutions. They started the development of a new process that uses carbon dioxide as a water replacement.

Refrigeration and compression turn carbon dioxide from its natural gas state to liquid form. Then, through viscosity and surface tension, it’s able to remove dirt and pollutants from clothing with absolutely no water or detergent.

At the end of the cycle, the carbon dioxide is converted back to its original gas form so it can be reused, meaning no discharge or waste is created.

While not yet available to consumers, this kind of innovation is taking laundry in a bold new direction. While washing machines continue to evolve to be smaller, quieter, and more efficient, an entirely waterless machine was difficult to even imagine until recently.

Polymer beads

Another new approach is the introduction of small nylon polymer beads into the wash cycle to nearly eliminate the need for water. Conceptualized by researchers at the University of Leeds, Xeros has picked up the idea.

Combined with as little as half a cup of water per load, the beads effectively remove stains and dirt from the fabric. Electrostatic charge draws dirt in, which is then absorbed by the polymer beads. At the end of the load, the beads are cleaned for reuse.

An advantage of this system is that it doesn’t rely on creating the same level of contact as front-loaders, which force clothes around the drum and into a puddle of water at the bottom. Instead, beads are sprayed directly into the drum to allow better physical contact with the clothing throughout the cycle.

Despite promising results a decade ago, these machines have not yet become widely available.


A third revolutionary approach to laundry is the use of ozone, a powerful oxidizing gas that significantly reduces water and energy consumption. It’s an effective cleaner and deodorizer that’s becoming increasingly popular for its ability to eliminate bacteria in addition to dirt and stains.

It works by combining three atoms of oxygen to create a natural oxidizing and disinfecting agent, drawing ambient air in through a compressor. It doesn’t require hot water and reduces overall water use significantly, making it a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly option. The use of toxic laundry detergents is also eliminated.

The ArtiClean Ozone Laundry System offers solutions for a variety of applications, including a newly-launched coin-operated version. It has the unique advantage of Ozone Laundry Smart Controls (OLSC) so you’ll be assured of exceptional safety standards and optimal functioning at all times.

In addition to reduced water consumption, ozone laundry applications offer benefits like shorter drying times and improved fabric longevity. They can sanitize effectively to remove bacteria, mould, yeast, and viruses effectively without chemicals or hot water. This makes them an ideal choice for large-scale operations like hotels, hospitals, and retirement homes. Performance fabrics like those used in firefighting uniforms or sports equipment are better protected than with traditional washing.

Science, not fiction

As we become more aware of our effects on the environment, it’s essential that we continue to look for ways to reduce negative impacts. Decreased water consumption in laundry applications is a growing area of interest, and gone are the days of needing 45 gallons of water or more per load.

Visit or call us at Coronet Equipment to find out how we can help you reduce water consumption, lower energy costs, and improve fabric longevity with forward-thinking cleaning and sanitizing solutions.

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