The top 5 reasons you should consider getting a commercial washer for your home

If your house is anything like mine, it’s littered with piles of dirty laundry. I try to stay on top of the task but it seems like new mounds of it appear every time I fold a fresh load.

Most days, my washing machine hums all day long. I can hear it spinning the towels, clanking the zippers, swishing the delicates. It’s like the soundtrack to my life.

I joke about how I should run a laundromat, since I practically already do. And then I got thinking: why couldn’t I have one of those hardworking, oversized machines here in my own house? It turns out, I can!

Increasingly, homeowners are looking to commercial products to solve their laundry woes, and with good reason. Here, we run down the top 5 reasons you should consider investing in a commercial laundry system for your house. Goodbye piles of dirty clothes, hello sanity!

1. Commercial washers are built to last.

In my house, there’s a running list of things that need to be replaced. If I can buy something that I know will last for a long time, that’s a huge bonus in my book.

Commercial washers are known for their durability. They’re built differently from residential laundry systems, with more powerful motors and durable parts that withstand wear & tear.

A busy laundromat that runs 24/7 can expect more than a decade of reliable service from a commercial machine. If your household runs a more typical 1-2 loads a day, your commercial machine can last 25 year or more. Not only is this good for you, knowing you can count on a robust laundry system for a long time, but it’s also good for the environment with fewer broken machines ending up in landfills.

2. Commercial washers can be serviced.

If you rely on your laundry machines half as much as I do, then you’re familiar with the panic you feel when something breaks down. Often, residential machines are costly or impossible to repair, meaning that you have to save up and buy a new machine when something goes wrong.

Commercial washers, on the other hand, are intended to be serviced. They’re built with heavy-duty parts that are accessible and easily repaired. This means replacing your machines less frequently.

Commercial washers also often come with extended warranties to match their longer lifespans. Even though you’ll pay more initially for a commercial machine, being able to count on having them serviced under warranty means your investment will pay off in the long run.

3. Commercial washers save you time.

Doing laundry is the bane of my existence and takes up an extraordinary amount of time. Too often, someone is also hovering over the machines desperately waiting for the end of the cycle to fish out something they need.

Commercial washers are fast. They offer shorter cycles and can complete a normal wash in as little as 30 minutes. This means you can plow through big piles of laundry in a lot less time.

They also spin more efficiently, extracting more water from your clothing and resulting in shorter drying times.

Even their larger capacity can save you time. Gone are the days of washing each set of sheets alone. Now, I just throw them all together in a single load and get on with my day.

4. Commercial washers save you money.

Repairing instead of replacing is a great way to save money. Commercial washers tend to have fewer bells and whistles so you shouldn’t expect frequent breakdowns, but at least you can count on having them fixed when something goes wrong.

The same larger capacities and efficient spinning that save you time also reduces your costs. With a commercial washer, you’ll find yourself running fewer loads and setting your dryer for shorter periods of time, which will be reflected in your energy bill.

5. Commercial washers make life easier.

You can’t put a price on everything. Even though a commercial laundry system is an investment upfront, it’s made my daily life so much better. It helps to know that we can expect our investment in a repairable, reliable machine to pay off in the long run. For now, though, I’m enjoying how fast and easy it is to get the laundry done.

Big loads that wash and dry quickly have significantly improved my daily life and free up a lot of time to focus on other things. I wish I’d known about commercial laundry systems for home use years ago! I could have saved myself a lot of time and frustration.

If you’re overwhelmed with the piles of laundry in your house, make the switch to a commercial washer. Find a local supplier who offers customized laundry solutions and excellent customer service and make it a breeze to check laundry off your list.

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