Tackling your sports laundry

It’s hockey season in Canada, and for many athletes (and parents of athletes), welcoming the return of the ice pads also means embracing the piles of stinky clothing and equipment that comes with the sport.

Thankfully, there are steps you can take to keep the stench at bay, and Coronet Equipment offers a full range of laundry solutions to help you manage the piles of sportswear in your laundry room. From ozone solutions that effectively break down organic matter using smaller amounts of water, to commercial and sports-specific systems, we can help you get back on the ice or field ready for your next game.

No matter which system you’re using, here are some things to keep in mind when tackling sports laundry:

1. Don’t let smells fester

When dealing with mounds of laundry, it can be tempting to hit the shower and ignore the problem. But letting damp clothes sit in a pile can contribute to the build up of odour-causing bacteria. It’s best to wash it right away.

If you aren’t able to toss in a load immediately, allow your sports clothing to air dry. Lay it flat or use a ventilated laundry basket and aim to wash it as soon as possible. If you let it sit too long, it will be even harder to get it clean and you may be facing additional challenges like the growth of mildew.

Another option is to put soiled clothing into a large ziplock bag, then place it in the freezer to destroy bacteria and keep smells away until you’re ready to wash it.

2. Separate before laundering

Ideally, synthetic fabrics that comprise most sports clothing should be separated from natural fabrics. This is because it’s best to wash same-weight articles together.

Turning your clothing inside out can also increase the effectiveness of your washer. Our shirts rub up against our bodies, especially during vigorous activity, and turning clothing inside out allows better access to the oils, sweat, and dead skin cells that accumulate.

3. Don’t be tempted to use too much detergent

We often think that more is better, but when it comes to laundry detergent, too much of a good thing can lead to build up that compounds the problem of smelly laundry. If you find that your usual detergent isn’t effective when using normal amounts, try switching to a specially formulated sports detergent that will provide superior cleaning power without build-up.

You’ll also want to avoid using fabric softeners with your workout gear. They work by coating the fabric and thus interfere with absorption and moisture-wicking abilities. They also trap odours in the fabric, making them harder to remove.

4. Pre-soak or add a booster

Particularly stinky laundry might benefit from a pre-soak. Mix one part vinegar to four parts cold water and allow dirty clothes to soak for up to 30 minutes before washing. Alternatively, you can cut down on your detergent and add a cup of vinegar directly to your rinse cycle. Vinegar is excellent for breaking down any build up of detergent in fabrics and is effective at eliminating unpleasant smells.

Other booster options include the addition of a half cup of baking soda or some lemon juice to your wash cycle to reduce odours and improve the cleaning effectiveness of your laundry soap.

5. Wash gently and air dry

Your workout wear should be handled with care much in the same way you handle your dress clothes. Carefully separate it and avoid washing it with anything that can cause snags in delicate fabrics.

Always wash sportswear on a cold, gentle cycle. It’s recommended that you air-dry technical fabrics to protect their elasticity and performance. If you must dry them, opt for a low temperature and the shortest time possible.

Depending on your needs, Coronet Equipment can provide you with the right system to meet your sports and other laundry demands.

Our dependable E-series washer-extractors are available in capacities up to 255 pounds. They’re energy efficient, cost effective, and backed by a great warranty. Moisture-sensing pro-series drying tumblers will make sure your clothing isn’t heated any longer than necessary, and our ozone disinfection towers keep infections and bacteria from affecting your performance.

Did you know a team can produce upwards of 200 pounds of damp, stinky laundry in a single game? If you’re facing mounds of laundry from a team sport or your own little family of athletes, find out how Coronet Equipment can help you beat the combination of dirt and perspiration so you’re ready for your next win.

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