Mastering the Maintenance of Industrial Washers and Dryers

In the world of commercial laundry, industrial washers and dryers are the backbone of operations. Whether you run a laundromat, a hotel, a restaurant, a healthcare facility, or any business where laundry is a part of daily operations, these machines play a vital role.

To ensure they continue to perform at their best, regular maintenance is key. In this blog, we’re sharing our expert tips and actionable advice for handling the maintenance needs of industrial washers and dryers, safeguarding their efficiency and longevity.


Develop a Maintenance Schedule

Consistency is critical when it comes to maintaining industrial washers and dryers. By staying on top of your regular maintenance, you’ll be able to avoid massive breakdowns or unnecessarily high repair costs. Business owners should create a maintenance schedule that outlines regular tasks and their frequencies. Here’s an idea of what a basic schedule could look like to get you started:

  • Daily: Clean lint filters and empty lint bins. Lint is the nemesis of industrial dryers. It accumulates quickly and can hinder the machine’s performance as well as create a fire hazard. Train your staff to clean lint filters after each use or at the end of every business day, ensuring they remove lint build-up entirely.
  • Weekly: Inspect water inlet valves and hoses for leaks. Leaks can cause significant damage to your laundry equipment and the surrounding areas. Weekly inspections of water inlet valves and hoses help to identify leaks early and allow you to fix problems before they balloon. Replace any damaged components promptly.
  • Monthly: Examine drain hoses and check for any obstructions. Drain hoses are responsible for expelling wastewater from your washer. Regularly inspect them for clogs or kinks, as these can impede the drainage process. Ensure the hoses are free from any obstructions that may disrupt water flow.
  • Quarterly: Check drive belts and pulleys for signs of wear. Drive belts and pulleys are essential components of industrial washers and dryers. Over time, these parts can wear out and affect machine performance. Conduct quarterly inspections to assess their condition and replace any that are showing signs of wear or damage to prevent breakdowns.
  • Annually: Schedule a professional inspection and deep cleaning. Yearly deep cleanings should be a non-negotiable part of your maintenance plan. This involves disassembling the machines to access internal components and thoroughly clean them. If you’re not comfortable with deep cleaning, you can schedule a professional service with Coronet Equipment. We’ll clean and lubricate internal parts, inspect wiring, and address any issues that may arise.


Follow Manufacturer Guidelines

Each manufacturer provides specific maintenance guidelines for their machines. Familiarize yourself with these guidelines, as they offer valuable insights into your equipment’s unique requirements. You’ll always want to ensure that you follow manufacturer recommendations for cleaning products, lubricants, and any other maintenance needs.

Train Your Staff

Your staff plays a central role in the maintenance of industrial washers and dryers. Ensure that they are trained on the proper use and care of these machines. Emphasize the importance of daily cleaning routines and promptly reporting any issues they encounter. Coronet Equipment offers training services that can get your staff up to speed on the unique needs of your specific equipment.


Preventative Measures

Incorporate preventative measures to extend the lifespan of your equipment. Make sure to protect your machines from water or dust. You’ll also want to avoid overloading your machines (and remind your staff and clients of this as well). Overloading can strain belts and pulleys, leading to premature wear or potential breakdowns. Finally, keep the area around your machines clean and free from debris to prevent any blockages.


Professional Inspections

An annual professional inspection is a wise investment and can actually save you money by enhancing the operation and longevity of your investment. Our experts can identify and address issues you may miss during routine maintenance. A professional inspection by Coronet Equipment’s knowledgeable technicians will ensure that your machines are in top working order.


Record Keeping

It can also be helpful to maintain detailed records of all maintenance activities, including dates, tasks performed, and any issues identified. These records serve as a reference for your maintenance schedule and can be invaluable for troubleshooting recurring problems.


Partner with Coronet Equipment

Industrial washers and dryers are the unsung heroes of commercial laundry operations. By implementing a structured maintenance plan and following these actionable tips, you’ll ensure that your machines continue to deliver efficient and reliable service.

At Coronet Equipment, we’re proud to supply businesses and homeowners with exceptional laundry solutions. We offer a full range of services, including installation, training, and labour warranty. Find out how we can help keep your industrial washers and dryers in top shape by contacting us today, and enjoy the confidence of knowing that your machinery will serve you well for years to come.

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