Laundromats Need Industrial Washers and Dryers

The most important part of running any successful laundromat is ensuring your washers and dryers are always functional and offer a top-of-the-line clean. Of course, this means quickly responding to faulty machines and updating parts past their prime. But it also means investing in machinery that is modern and can deliver a whole new level of service.

One way laundromat owners can step up their service is by getting industrial-sized washers and dryers. They offer numerous benefits and can help save money in the long run. 


Increased Capacity

Industrial-sized machines can handle much larger loads of laundry than standard residential units. Even people with standard washers and dryers at home will need to occasionally use industrial-sized machines. They can be an excellent solution for washing duvets, curtains, heavy winter gear, and more. This means you can serve more customers simultaneously and increase your revenue potential. The higher capacity also reduces the need for multiple smaller machines, saving on maintenance and energy costs. 


Faster Turnaround

Everyone is busy, and cutting down on time spent doing chores is certainly at the top of everyone’s to do list. With larger machines, you can process laundry more quickly. With industrial machines, a family could do their whole load of laundry in just one go. This can lead to shorter wait times for customers and higher customer satisfaction. Shorter turnaround times can attract more customers and result in increased revenue. 


Energy Efficiency

Industrial-sized washers and dryers are designed for efficiency, which can result in lower energy and water consumption per load compared to residential machines. This can lead to substantial savings on utility bills over time. High energy bills are often a huge strain on laundromats; reducing these can free up money for you to spend on more important things. 


Reduced Maintenance Costs 

Having a few large machines instead of many small ones can reduce maintenance costs. Industrial equipment is built to withstand heavy usage and is often more durable, requiring fewer repairs and replacements. 


Improved Laundry Quality

Industrial machines are built for performance and can provide a more thorough and consistent clean. When machines aren’t packed full, laundry is able to move around more easily. Increased tumbling space and air circulation are excellent for clothing. Industrial machines lead to cleaner, better-maintained laundry. 


Space Efficiency

Large machines can save space in your laundromat, allowing you to make the most of your floor space. You will be able to add a wider variety of machines or use space to make your customers more comfortable by adding amenities. If you are thinking about opening a laundromat, investing in a few larger machines could mean you can rent or buy a smaller space to do business in. 


Competitive Advantage

Offering industrial-sized washers and dryers can set your laundromat apart from competitors that only provide smaller machines. It establishes you as a leader in efficiency and energy saving practices. It will also show customers you care about their wide variety of needs. 


Cost-Effective Pricing

Having multiple sized machines allows you to set laundry at different prices. Customers will be able to choose the machine size and price that is right for their budget. You can adjust your pricing structure to accommodate the use of industrial machines. Often, doing one load in an industrial washer and dryer is less expensive than doing multiple loads in regular machines. 


Long-Term Investment

While industrial-sized machines may cost more upfront, they are typically built to last longer than residential units. Over time, you will find yourself replacing them less often. Not only does this make them an excellent long-term investment, but it also means fewer headaches for you as you deal with the day to day struggles of running a business. 

Running a laundromat is hard work; investing in great machines can make it easier. One way to improve your laundromat is by getting an industrial-sized washer and dryer. These systems are reliable and have a whole range of benefits. While the initial investment may be higher, the long-term benefits in terms of cost savings, increased revenue, and customer satisfaction can make it a worthwhile choice for many laundromat owners.

If you are in the market for an industrial-sized washer and dryer in the Edmonton area, Coronet Equipment has a variety of machines that will make running your laundromat easier. Contact us today!

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