How to save time and money at the laundromat

Life can get busy, and when it does, laundry feels like an annoying time suck. The last thing you want to do is drag your laundry down to the laundromat and wait around for it. But going to the laundromat doesn’t have to be this way! Being smart about the way you do laundry can save you time and money. 

Follow these hacks to improve your trips to the laundromat!

Plan your visit

The day and time you visit your laundromat will affect your experience. While it may seem convenient to go on a weekend, laundromats are often busiest on Saturdays and Sundays. They’re also busy between 12-2 pm and 6-10 pm from Monday to Friday. If your day allows it, try to go to the laundromat when it’s quieter. This way, you’ll be able to beat the long lines, and machines will be more available and cleaner. 

Learn about the laundromat you’re visiting before you go. For example, is it a classic coin laundromat, or can you pay by card? Can you reserve machines online? Is it more efficient to bring your own detergent and supplies or buy them there? Knowing the answers to these questions will save time, money, and your sanity.

Use the right machines

Most laundromats offer a variety of machines with different sizes and functions. Choosing the right one for your load can save you money and get your laundry cleaner. Don’t shove a large load into a tiny machine – your clothes won’t get washed properly. On the other hand, you could waste money and time spreading a big load out amongst several smaller machines when you could have used a single industrial-sized washer instead. 

If you’re washing items like furniture covers, duvet covers, or sports jerseys, find a laundromat that offers specialized machines for these fabrics. Washing these in run-of-the-mill washing machines could clean them improperly or damage them.

Sort and treat laundry before going to the laundromat

You’ll save loads of time at the laundromat if you sort and pre-treat your laundry before you get there. Begin by sorting white and coloured laundry from each other. Once you’ve done this, pre-treat any stains with the appropriate products. The bonus is that the stain remover will have time to work while you travel to the laundromat. 

Then, when you arrive at the laundromat, loading your clothes into the right machines and selecting the appropriate laundry soap will be easy.

Dry clothes efficiently

Nothing’s more annoying than opening your dryers, thinking you’re finally done at the laundromat, only to find clothes that are still wet. This typically happens when you’ve overcrowded your dryer and the clothes clump together, not allowing air to circulate. 

Quality equipment will do a better job of extracting water from your clothes and drying them faster. A washer with a weak spin cycle and a dryer that isn’t functioning correctly means you’ll be stuck there longer trying to get your clothes dry (and the extra cycles will cost you more). Before you head out to a new laundromat, read their reviews so you’ll know what to expect.


While your clothes are washing or drying, use the time to catch up on other tasks or bring something to read or work on. This way, you’ll make the most of your time at the laundromat. Most laundromats offer WiFi and even cafés. 

While you’re waiting, you can also begin to sort, fold, or even iron your loads that have already been washed. The laundromat doesn’t have to be a time waster – instead, think of it as a chance to finish your chores and work simultaneously. Just be sure to set timers to alert you when your cycle is over. This way, you’ll be able to lose yourself in work or entertainment without missing a turnover time. 

Don’t let laundry be a drain on your time and wallet. By heading to the laundromat with a plan, you’ll save time and money. Look for a laundromat with excellent reviews and quality equipment that will clean your clothes efficiently. If you’re looking to upgrade your own equipment, find out how Coronet Equipment can help.

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