How on-site laundry can benefit restaurants

Running a restaurant can be a very rewarding experience. Think about all the beautiful celebrations you’re able to witness—birthdays, proposals, anniversaries, friends’ nights out, and new family connections. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we all felt the sadness of being shut out of restaurants, and were more than happy to return when we finally got the chance! 


At Coronet Equipment, we recognize how much hard work and dedication goes into running a business. Restaurant owners have a lot of responsibilities, like balancing budgets, refreshing menus, taking care of customer requests, managing staff, and always being available to ensure your customers’ satisfaction. 


Within this fast-paced environment, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is paramount. This means specialized equipment to properly clean and sanitize pretty much everything you use day to day. However, one often overlooked but critical aspect of restaurant operations is on-site laundry facilities. 


If you’ve never considered adding on-site laundry to your restaurant operation, you’re about to find out just how much convenience it offers, boosting your efficiency and making daily tasks easier for everyone on your team. We have a wide selection of laundry solutions and will work with you and your budget to make on-site restaurant laundry possible. Here’s why we think it should be a necessity for every restaurant owner: 


Exceptional hygiene standards


Patrons of any restaurant expect high hygiene standards, and so do staff. On-site laundry makes maintaining these standards much easier. You’ll be able to conveniently clean your linens as needed, without having to rely on someone else’s schedule. This gives you the flexibility to ensure that you’ll have fresh napkins, tablecloths, and uniforms when you need them.


Regularly washing these items reduces the chance of cross-contamination and the risk of illness, which helps to maintain your excellent reputation. You’ll control the wash cycles and settings, so you can feel confident in the assurances of cleanliness you’re providing to your patrons. We also offer ozone laundry solutions that provide exceptional sanitization, reducing your reliance on chemical products and hot water, while ensuring exceptional consistency. 


A uniform look


Prolong the life and colour of your tablecloths, uniforms, and napkins by controlling how each is washed. You’ll retain the ability to wash your items following special care instructions, avoiding unfortunate situations like discoloration and bleeding that can happen when you outsource your laundry. Instead of relying on an external supplier, you can control exactly how your linens and uniforms look, retaining your branded appearance more easily. 


Reduced costs 


Who doesn’t love saving money? It’s especially important if you work in the restaurant industry, where rising costs for food and supplies are making it more challenging to earn a profit. While having on-site laundry requires an upfront investment, it can significantly reduce your laundry costs in the long run.


Outsourcing laundry is expensive, especially for restaurants, where sanitation and transportation fees are often involved. By establishing on-site laundry, you’ll save money year after year, and can allocate your savings to more exciting things like state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, new glassware, or better staff compensation. 


Handling emergencies 


In a restaurant, things happen. Customers spill drinks and drop food, and so do employees! The restaurant industry is one in which frequent stains are pretty much guaranteed. Even on the best of days, it’s difficult to know what will be thrown (literally) at you in restaurants.


With on-site laundry, you never have to worry about running out of anything. You’ll be able to toss things into the wash as accidents happen, and have them ready in time for the next rush. Laundry emergencies will be a thing of the past.


Overall efficiency 


Patience is a virtue, but it has no place in restaurants. Outsourcing laundry services can result in unnecessary delays. Waiting for clean linens to be delivered back to the restaurant can hinder daily operations, leading to inefficiencies and compromising customer service. 


When your laundry operations are in your hands, you have total control over when and how things get done. You will be able to tackle shortages and stain disasters as they arise, and be confident that your laundry is always done to the highest standards. The convenience of in-house laundry ensures that employees can efficiently manage their tasks without interruptions, ultimately improving overall productivity.


On-site laundry can be a game changer for restaurants. It cuts costs, boosts productivity and efficiency, and helps everything look a whole lot better. You’ll no longer have to rely on another vendor to outsource your laundry, giving you an increased amount of control over your own business operations.


If you operate a restaurant in the Edmonton area and are ready to experience the convenience of in-house laundry, contact Coronet Equipment. We have a range of durable, quality equipment designed to sanitize even the dirtiest laundry. Ask us about our eco-friendly machines that help cut on energy and water consumption, saving you even more money and time, something you can’t just order off a menu!

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