Expert Tips for Heavy Winter Laundry

With the winter months upon us, industries reliant on laundry services need to be prepared for the unique challenges this season brings. Heavy winter laundry, often exacerbated by increased bulk due to cold-weather clothing and linens, demands efficient and reliable solutions.


In this blog, we’re sharing expert tips for managing heavy winter laundry with our reliable industrial washing machines, ensuring your operations run smoothly during the coldest of months.


Choose the Right Industrial Machine


Investing in the right industrial washing machine for your needs is paramount. Look for machines that offer large drum capacities to accommodate the increased load during winter. High-speed extraction capabilities will reduce drying time, while advanced programmable features allow you to tailor wash cycles to specific fabric types, optimizing efficiency. Coronet Equipment offers quality machinery that you can rely on for consistently good results. Explore our options, like Continental Girbau stand alone washer-extractors with up to 387 G-force extraction and programmability for every wash variable.


Insulate and Heat Your Laundry Facility


You might not think about the environment in which your machines operate, but proper insulation and heating are essential to prevent damage to your industrial washing machines. Adequate insulation helps conserve heat, while heating systems ensure that the wash water remains at the optimal temperature, even in freezing conditions.


Use Detergents Suitable for Cold Water


When temperatures plummet, washing in cold water is one way to help reduce costs. Make sure you use detergents designed specifically for cold-water washing. These detergents are specially formulated to dissolve efficiently in lower temperatures, maintaining their cleaning power while reducing energy costs associated with heating water.


Pre-sort and Pre-treat Stains


Before loading laundry into your industrial washing machines, instruct staff to pre-sort the items based on colour, fabric type, and level of soiling. Addressing stains promptly with suitable stain removers or pre-treatment solutions helps to improve washing effectiveness and minimize re-washing or permanent staining.


Optimize Load Capacity


While it may be tempting to maximize the load capacity of your industrial washing machines, it’s crucial not to overload them. Overloading can lead to inadequate cleaning, excessive wear and tear, and increased energy consumption. Follow manufacturer recommendations for optimal load size and balance. If in doubt, ask Coronet Equipment’s expert team for advice or training to ensure you get the best results from your investment.


Consider Water Reuse Systems


Installing a water reuse system can significantly reduce water consumption and associated costs. These systems capture and filter wastewater from the final rinse cycle, allowing it to be reused for initial rinsing in subsequent wash cycles.


Monitor and Maintain Your Machines


Regular maintenance and monitoring of your industrial washing machines are essential during the winter months. Ensure that seals and gaskets remain intact to prevent cold air from entering the machine, and keep the drum clean to prevent buildup and odors. We aim to provide service that exceeds your expectations. Count on Coronet Equipment for all of your industrial equipment maintenance needs.


Implement Efficient Drying Solutions


After washing, efficient drying is vital, especially during the winter when outdoor or air drying is less feasible. Consider investing in industrial dryers with high capacity and programmable settings to optimize drying times while protecting the fabric. Check out our selection of durable machines, ready to meet the demands of continuous operation. 


Train Your Staff


Coronet Equipment prides itself on having exceptionally well-trained staff and technicians, and you should, too. In addition to repair and maintenance services, we also provide training opportunities to educate your staff on machine operation, maintenance, and best practices. Empower your team to troubleshoot common issues and report maintenance needs promptly to maintain the most efficient operation of your industrial machines.


Regularly Evaluate Energy Efficiency


To reduce operating costs and environmental impact, regularly assess the energy efficiency of your industrial washing machines. Look for opportunities to upgrade to more energy-efficient models or retrofit existing machines with energy-saving features. Ask our team about recommendations to increase the energy efficiency of your operations.


Managing heavy winter laundry in an industrial setting requires a combination of smart equipment choices, diligent maintenance, and efficient operational practices. By investing in the right industrial washing machines, insulating your facility, and following these expert tips, you can ensure that your laundry operations continue to run smoothly even during the harshest winter conditions.


Stay prepared, stay efficient, and keep your business running seamlessly throughout the year, all with the expert support of Coronet Equipment.

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