5 useful steps to keep your clothes fresh even while on vacation

Woot! The travel industry is back in business, and after a few years of impacted travel, there’s a frenzy to book tickets. Get those quick dry shorts and sun hats packed … then take our advice on how to care for your laundry while finally exploring new places once again.

Yes, Coronet Equipment is in the business of supplying you with reliable, durable laundry equipment for your home, laundromat, or industrial application, but we’re also keen travelers. We know that you can’t always do your laundry at home. When you don’t have access to our quality machines, here’s how to make sure you still smell clean & fresh.

1. Pack the right stuff!

Unless you’re planning to lug around something special that can only be carefully washed back at home, it’s best to stick with quick dry fabrics and wrinkle-free options that make on-the-go-laundry simple.

Pack only what you need and focus on high performance materials that will keep you comfortable but also are easily cleaned. There’s no need to wear your shirts inside out and backwards to eke out extra days if you’re able to freshen them up during your vacation.

In addition to a specialized travel wardrobe, there are few other things that will make your life easier while away from home. Take a small bottle of concentrated laundry soap so that you’re able to at least wash your intimates. If you intend to wash your own clothing, a stretchable cord or travel clothesline will allow you to dry your clothing without damaging wood furniture or being scolded by hotel staff (since doing your laundry in a hotel room is usually discouraged). 

A universal drain stopper is also handy if you want to fill a sink with soapy water, and a mesh laundry bag is ideal for keeping really dirty items separate. We recommend packing a stain remover to pre-treat stubborn stains, especially if you’re traveling with kids. Finally, tuck a few dryer sheets between your clothing to keep them smelling clean. They’ll also come in handy if you need to visit a laundromat.

2. Perfect the art of sink laundry.

Ah, the nightly swish & rinse. It’s not just for your teeth: you can also wash your favourite items quickly and easily in your bathroom so they’re ready to be reworn the next day. Fill the sink with water, add a small amount of detergent, and give your things a scrub. In addition to underwear, lightweight clothing like quick dry shirts, dresses, swimsuits and shorts can conveniently be washed this way. Make sure you rinse thoroughly a few times to remove any traces of soap.

Roll your items in a towel then twist it to absorb excess moisture before hanging them out to dry. If you forgot to pack a clothesline, hang them on the side of the tub or over the shower rod.

3. Find a local laundromat.

If you have a lot of laundry that needs to be cleaned, it might be worth taking an hour or two to do it at a laundromat. Most laundromats in tourist areas offer pictographs or English-speaking attendants to help you out if you’re not fluent in the local language.

You may be able to purchase detergent there but it can be helpful to use the one you packed yourself. Some laundromats in other countries offer separate spin-dry centrifuge machines that remove excess water before popping your clothes in the dryer.

A word of caution – laundry equipment in other countries isn’t always predictable. Use extra caution with items you really value, or wash them yourself by hand.

4. Spring for the service!

Sometimes, you just can’t imagine wasting a minute of your vacation time on tasks like laundry! If this is the case, you might be willing to pay a bit extra for laundry service.

This is usually offered by hotels or you may be able to find a local company with pick-up and drop-off service at a lower rate. Simply bag up your dirty items, and within 24 hours, they’ll be washed, dried, folded, and back in your hands. Plan accordingly, because if you need them back sooner than 24 hours, you’ll likely have to pay even more.

5. Follow up with a load at home.

Hey, of course we’re going to tell you that our machines offer the best quality clean for your laundry, but if you’ve been washing underwear in the sink for weeks, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Once you arrive home, toss those clothes into your high performance machines to get rid of any stains, smells, or soap residues that caught a ride home with you. This way, you’ll be guaranteed that your travel clothing is ready to be packed for your next getaway. 

And with a world out there that’s finally open for travel again, what are you waiting for?

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