3 reasons why ozone is the best choice for cleaner laundry and a cleaner environment

Until recently, I’d never heard of using ozone to wash my clothes. This method of combining oxygen and electricity to get rid of organic materials in laundry remains widely underrated. It’s time to shine a spotlight on it though, because ozone is an effective way to oxidize or disinfect your dirty laundry without using chemicals, making it a forward-thinking and environmentally-friendly option.

1. Ozone safely disinfects.

We’ve just lived through a pandemic, and sanitization is at the top of a lot of our minds. Ozone is an effective way to eliminate all kinds of superbugs, including bacteria, fungi, mold, and live viruses. It’s even being tested as a safe alternative to other methods of neutralizing Covid-19.

Laundering your clothes and linens with ozone works better and faster than bleach to provide strong cleaning power against a variety of microorganisms that can make you sick. It dissolves organic materials during the wash cycle and gets rid of them with the water.

Ozone not only offers safe disinfection but is also a generally powerful cleaner and brightener for all of your laundry needs.

2. Ozone uses fewer chemicals.

A huge benefit of using ozone to clean your laundry is a reduced need for chemicals. This makes it a more environmentally-friendly alternative to many other laundry options.

Traditional methods use hot water and chemicals to create a high pH, then neutralize this level with acid before ending the cycle. Ozone laundry options achieve similar results with a much lower pH, reducing the need for additional acids and chemicals. Ozone also eliminates the need for softeners.

This makes ozone a particularly good choice for those with allergies or sensitive skin. Reducing the amount of chemicals you add to your laundry can help alleviate bothersome symptoms. And everyone benefits from avoiding the use of laundry chemicals that are known to be hazardous, including off-gassing into air and fabrics.

3. Ozone doesn’t require hot water.

Ozone effectively cleans in cold water, which reduces your laundry costs. This also helps make it a more environmentally-friendly alternative.

Increasingly, the market is becoming saturated with detergents that can be used in cold water, but ozone differs from these options in that it’s an effective method of disinfection without requiring the use of hot water. Cold water detergents don’t achieve these same results.

Using traditional detergents in cold water is also less effective at removing stains. Ozone, on the other hand, is a powerful brightener and stain-remover even in colder temperatures.

An advancing technology

While ozone laundry systems are still relatively new to the market, the technology is seeing significant advancements. Ozone is at the forefront of achieving green standards and currently leads the way in environmentally-friendly and powerful laundry solutions.

If you’re looking for an energy-efficient and chemical-free way to get through your piles of laundry, consider purchasing an ozone laundry system. It’s one great way that we can protect the health of our families both today and in the future.

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