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Sports Laundry Equipment

It's critical to protect the health of our athletes and staff.

Sports Laundry Systems Equipment That's why the Sports Laundry System is the perfect solution for your athletic laundry department. Engineered to clean and disinfect athletic laundry and equipment, the Sports Laundry System helps prevent the spread of viruses, superbugs and bacteria, including MRSA, HIV and hepatitis.

Boosting productivity, the Sports Laundry System is capable of completing more laundry in less time – laundry loads can be properly washed and dried within 60 minutes. Reducing chemical and utility costs, Sports Laundry System will start saving you money from the very first load!

The Sports Laundry System couldn't make laundry any easier. The pre-set programs and automatic chemical injection eliminates damage to athletic gear, no matter who is running the laundry!

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