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Hospitality Industry

Hospitality IndustryIt is often stated that first impressions are lasting impressions. This is particularly true as your guests enter their rooms for the first time. If the room is not fresh and clean, your guests will be dissatisfied, and dissatisfied guests do not return.

So what is the impact on your guests' impression of their room? It is the feeling of quality that they feel by the cleanliness of three elements, the room itself, the bed linen and the toweling. So in order to control your business you must control the quality of these three elements.

The feel of the towels and the bed linen is perhaps the ultimate quality criterion for your hotel guests. Anything less than perfect will mean dissatisfaction.

The safest way to retain full control over quality and maintain customer satisfaction is to operate your own in-house laundry. You can set your own standards and make sure your textiles are cared for the way they should be. You become less dependent on others; self-sufficiency means increased flexibility and control of your business.

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