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Healthcare Industry

Healthcare IndustryIt is only when a person becomes ill that they appreciate the importance of good health. However as a professional in Health Care, you are conscious of this every minute of every day.

A number of years ago, it was understood that an important part of the cure for most illnesses is hygiene. Cross-contamination and nosocomial infection are events that everyone in healthcare wants to avoid.

At Coronet Equipment we understand the difference between clean linen and de-contaminated linen. This is why we are considered experts in the field on hygiene barrier washing in health care.

When it comes to hospital laundry hygiene, there's no room for compromise! Designed for laundries with stringent demands on hygiene, our barrier washers provide a reliable defense against the spread of germs, bacteria, and dust particles in the laundry process. As a quality control option, process monitoring is available for recording vital statistics of each washing cycle.

The barrier washer concept separates the laundry operation into a soiled area and a clean area. Laundry to be processed is loaded into the front of the machine and unloaded from the back. As a result, the Coronet Equipment barrier washer is the ideal solution for fighting nosochomial infections in health care institutions. We also offer a ''clean room'' option that ensures a dust-free environment required in pharmaceutical plants and in the high technology and food industries.

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