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Camping Industry

Camping IndustryDuring the summer, everyone wants a free and easy life. The family pack the car and boat and then head out on their seasonal adventures. However, they still require certain standards of service often crucial when choosing a campsite, youth hostel, and holiday village or guest harbour. A holiday should be as relaxing as possible, which is why laundry equipment is such an important part of your business. Professional new machines from Coronet Equipment provide your guests with the best and you with the equipment built to handle heavy loads and tough treatment.

Raising the standard and increasing capacity. The greatest difference between our professional laundry equipment and normal household machines is that you can wash a lot more in less time – even though the machines do not necessarily have to be bigger or use more energy; quite the reverse in fact. With our knowledge and experience, we have developed a new, efficient, and energy saving Camping package – a machine combination with a performance completely customized to the needs of your business!

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